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User's Guide of Central Library


University of Toyama Central Library is located at Gofuku campus, provides collections, resources, and flexible study spaces for the university community members. The library has more than 1,050,000 books, about 20,000 journal titles, and a wide range of online collections. Friendly staff are ready to help and advise you for using the library, searching materials, and so on.

○ See also Medical & Pharmaceutical Library (Sugitani campus), Art & Design Library (Takaoka campus)

Central Library Guide (PDF)

Central Library Guide (English)
japanese / Chinese / Korean


  1. Return used materials to their original place.
  2. Please be quiet in the reading room. Mobile phone use not allowed.
  3. No smoking in the library.
  4. No food or drinks are allowed in the library except for beverages in a bottle or container with a cap or lid.
  5. Make sure to keep valuables with you at all times.
  6. Bring your personal belongings with you each time you leave the library.
  7. Return books within the borrowing period.


Opening Hour's and Closed Days

Opening hours

 Monday to FridaySaturdays and Sundays
During and before examination period8:45~22:0010:00~20:00
During vacation9:00~17:00Closed

Closed Days
  • Saturday and Sunday during vacation
  • The National holidays
  • Summer holidays (Bon period)
  • University Anniversary (Oct. 1)
  • Year-end and New Year holidays (Dec. 28 to Jan. 4)
  • Days of University entrance exams
  • Temporary closing the director of the library decides

Opening and Closed Days Schedule (in Japanese)

Service hours guide (in Japanese)

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Borrowing and Returning


Toyama University student and faculty staff identification cards serve as your library card. Visitors are requested to apply for a library card for access to borrowing privileges. Books have to be demagnetized with the loaning machine before they are taken out of the library (The buzzer will go off if any books are brought out of the library without the proper procedures.). Materials without a barcode label have to be handled at the circulation counter.

Borrowing period and quantity
QuantityBooksAudio-visual materials
(copyright cleared materials only)
within 2 materials
Under-graduate studentswithin 10 bookswithin 14 dayswithin 7 days
(cannot renew)
Graduate studentswithin 20 bookswithin 30 dayswithin 7 days
(cannot renew)
Faculty staff & emeritus professorwithin 30 bookswithin 30 dayswithin 7 days
(cannot renew)
Visitorswithin 5 bookswithin 14 dayscannnot borrow

Reference materials, periodicals, audio-visual materials (copyright not cleared), and special collections may not be checked out.

  • When the library is open, return the materials using the automatic loaning machine. Faculty staff and visitors are requested to return them at the circulation counter.
  • When the library is closed, place the materials in the post box by the main entrance.
  • If the material is overdue, your borrowing privileges will be suspended for the number of days the material was overdue.

Books in circulation can be recalled upon your request via OPAC (Online Public Access Calalog).

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Photocopying Services

Photocopying of the library collections within the limitations of the Copyright Law is allowed. You may copy the materials at the copy machines (cash or prepaid card) available in the library upon completing the permission form.

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Layout of the Materials in Central Library

Layout of the Materials in Central Library

6F Books(Natural Sciences & Technology, Industry, The Arts, Language, Literature)
5F Books(Law, Economics, Finance, Statistics, Sociology, Education, Folklore, National Defense), The Lafcadio Hearn Library
4F Books(General Works, Philosophy, Religion, History, Politics)
3F Periodicals(Foreign),
University Bulletins, Reports of archeological site, Ozaki Collection
2F Periodicals(Japanese),
Paperback Collections, Materials for Foreign Students, Maps, Kawai- & Kikuchi- Archives
1F Student's books, Reference Books, Latest Magazines, Newspapers, Audio-visual Materials
Stack 4F Collections of the former Toyama High School (1923?1949), Back Numbers of General Periodicals, Audio-visual Materials, Statistical Materials, Japanese Stock Exchange Reports, University Bulletins & Research Reports (International), Newspapers from the Past Years
Stack 3F University Bulletins & Research Reports (National), Books acquired before 1984 (Literature)
Stack 2F Books acquired before 1984(Sociology, Education, Folklore, National Defense, Natural Sciences & Technology, Industry, The Arts, Language)
Stack 1F Books acquired before 1984 (General Works, Philosophy, Religion, History, Politics, Law, Economics, Finance, Sociology)
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Finding Materials

The online search for the materials in Toyama University can be done by OPAC※ through the Toyama University Library website.

※ Online Public Access Catalog(in short OPAC)

Online collections (eJournals and eBooks) are available via the following website.



Learning Commons

The new spaces of the library for the collaborative and creative work, and social interaction of the students.

  • Refresh & Communication Zone is located on the left side of the main entrance of the library.
  • Active Learning Zone and Presentation Zone are located on the 2nd floor of the library.
PCs and internet access

Using PCs located in each floor of the library, you may search for materials via OPAC & other databases. PCs administrated by Information Technology Center are available at the multimedia room on the 6th floor. Wireless internet access is also available at almost all places in the library.

Audio-visual materials

Audio-visual materials are available at Multimedia Corner on the 1st floor of the library. Apply at the circulation counter, materials can be watched in the booths on Multimedia Corner.

Request for purchase of new books

Requests for purchase of new books for study and research purposes can be made by filling out the appropriate forms.

Usage of group study rooms

Two group study rooms are available. Apply at the circulation counter.

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Use of Other Libraries

Inter Library Loan

You may borrow the books or get copies of the materials, which are not available in the library, from other libraries.

Charges to be paid by user:
  • Request for photocopies (fee, copy & postage charges)
  • Loan of books (fee & postage charges)
Direct visit to other libraries

Letters of introduction can be provided upon request.

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To Visitors using the Library

Individuals not attached to the university may also borrow materials from the library. To do so, please present personal identification (e.g. driver’s license etc) to the circulation counter and apply for a library card.

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