• 芸術文化図書館



 7票 Evolution: A Visual Record. 
 7票 Graines. Ediz. francese
 7票 Paper Sculpture: Fluid Forms 
 7票 The Extraordinary Beauty of Birds: Designs, Patterns and Details
 6票 Data Visualization for Success: Interviews with 40 Experienced Designers
 6票 The Hidden Geometry of Flowers: Living Rhythms, Form and Number 
 5票 Nomadic Furniture 3.0: Neues befreites Wohnen? 
 5票 Robert Coutelas 1930-1985 : ロベール・クートラス作品集ある画家の仕事
 4票 Ornament Im Quadrat: Die Jugendstilfliesen
 3票 Dick Bruna: Meer Zien / See More
 3票 Tree Houses: Fairy-Tale Castles in the Air
 3票 Do It Yourself